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Grant Applications, Resource Materials, and Other Information


Current Grant Application(s)
(If there are no listings below, there are no current grants available.)
Orientation Period: CLOSED

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Small $150,000.00 $16,000.00
Summer Grants

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) 

Interested applicants MUST attend ONE of TWO orientation times. Only one organizational representative is required to attend. Organizations that do not attend the orientation meeting will NOT be eligible to apply for funding. Orientations will be held on: 


Thursday, February 28, 2019

10:00am-12:00pm AND 1:00pm-3:00pm



East Palo Alto City Hall

2415 University Avenue, Community Room, First Floor

East Palo Alto, CA 94303


We periodically provide grants to non-profit organizations - registered with the IRS as 501(C) (3) organizations. When the City of East Palo Alto is accepting grant proposals, you will find a listing on this webpage.
Applications will not be posted online, as only orientation attendees are eligible to apply.


Measure C/TOT Review Panel

Grants Review Panel Structure

 Application and Review Process

Grantee Forms

These forms outline the required content and format to document the progress of the grant funded program. They are due as agreed upon and highlighted in the Effective Letter.  

Quarterly Report Form (Updated 2016)

Quarterly Report Form (Non Measure C or TOT)

 Insurance Requirements (Updated 2017)

Example Endorsement Page (Updated 2017)

Conflict of Interest Certification

Ranking Criteria:
Measure C
*Note: We no longer "score" grants, they are ranked based on these criteria.

Impact Map Story Board

Logic Model

Budget Spreadsheet
Closeout Form (Updated 2017)

Closeout Form (Non Measure C or TOT)

Workers' Compensation Waiver

This Closeout Report MUST be completed by all grant recipients no later than 30 days following the expiration of the grant term.  For Large Grants, final payments of grant funding will not be released until this report is completed, submitted, reviewed, and approved. If there are any remaining funds from the grant, they MUST be returned to the City along with your Closeout Report.

Grantee Resources

Grantee Operating Manual (Updated 2016)

Grant Instructions (Measure C Small/Large & TOT)

Insurance Resources 

Funding Guidelines

Funding Philosophies and Priorities

Non Profit Legal Center (Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's)

Grantee Tips On Data Collection/Use (BRG Webinar)

*NOTE: With respect to the aforementioned resources, neither the City of East Palo Alto, nor any of its employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights.

Grant Orientation Q & A
East Palo Alto Grant Orientation Questions and Answers

Questions from the TOT Small Grant Orientation 02/28/2019 (Below)
 I cannot find the MOU template online. There is no MOU template online. Organizations that wish to collaborate need to draft an MOU based on their scope of work, deliverables, etc. This MOU also needs to state who will take the lead to receive/disburse payments and/or provide insurance for the grant. The City of East Palo Alto will not mediate if an issue between partners arises.
 Are eSignatures acceptable?  Yes.
What font type & line spacing should be used in the narrative portion of the application?  Times New Roman, 12pt
The budget worksheet states "Staff or personnel cost should not exceed 30% of the total sought from the Measure C/TOT Fund." Does this include our instructional staff who teach the cam, or does this refer to the lead applicant's administrative staff only? ALSO, we will be partnering with other organizations, will their staff costs also be included in the 30%? Instructional staff would fit in that Direct Service category. Both sets of Admin. staff are included in that 30% number - NOT 30% each. This is because you cannot support both sets of Admin. Staff, I highly recommend seeking additional funding through other funders &/or decide which Admin. staff to fund from this grant.
 Were the application forms updates since last year?  Yes. Please use the application emailed to you after the grant orientation.
 How should we submit the application?  You can print, handwrite, scan, & email. Or you can fill the application out in Word, SAVE AS PDF, then add the rest of your pages. You can go to TOOLS > ORGANIZE PAGES to put all of your documents in one file. Please do not send your application in Word or Excel. PDF only please. Thank you.

Questions from the Measure C Large Grant Orientation 08/30/2018 (Below)

 Can an organization partner with a government organization?  Yes.
 Can an organization be part of two collaboratives applying to Measure C, if said organization is not the lead? Yes.
 What is the period of performance?  The period of performance means the grant term.
 Would the lead organization have to attend the orientation?  Yes.
 If a new program is being designed, then they may not have matching funds lined up on time for the application. Is this a limitation for the application?  No.
 Would a program whose costs/budget are staff heavy, would they still be eligible to apply for funding.  Yes. Only 30% of this grant funding can be used for administration. The organization would need to use/find other funding to supplement remaining administrative costs.

Questions from the Measure C/TOT Summer Grant Orientation 02/20/2018 (Below)
Are rent, utilities, etc. considered administrative costs?   No. Administrative costs pertain to people, rent & insurance pertain to indirect costs. Just a reminder, a portion of your grant funds may be used to pay for rent on a facility used to facilitate grant programming, and insurance may be paid for as well. Grant funds cannot be used to pay utilities or for facility improvements.
Can we apply for both grants?  Yes. 
Do I create two separate budget forms for each grant, or just one? If you apply for two grants, you need to submit two budget forms. The content on your budget form may be the same, but, one budget form needs to be submitted per application.  

Questions from the Measure C Large Grant Orientation 08/29/2017 (Below)
Could you please elaborate on requirements for collaborations? The main requirements are:
*Two (2) or more organizations
*Lead organization must be a 501C3
*Lead organization must provide all insurance
*A memorandum of understanding (MOU) must be signed by all parties. 
Do collaborations have to be between two or more non-profits? Yes, two or more organizations.
Can we partner with a city/county agency? Yes. However, the lead organization must be a 501C3.
Can we use our own Logic Models or are we required to use templates in the application? For consistency, please use the provided templates for the Logic Model, Budget, Conflict of Interest, Quarterly Report, and Closeout forms.
In the budget, clarify "no indirect costs?" Indirect costs are those costs NOT related to the program directly. For example, food for the kids during the program would be considered direct costs. Food for staff in a meeting to discuss programming would be considered indirect costs.
 Are pages 8-9 of application available online or via email? I will email the application to attendees after the orientation.
Clarify when and if Impact Map is due. If your organization is asked to give a presentation to the Community Grants Review Panel (CGRP), you then will need to produce an Impact Map to present at your presentation.

Questions from the TOT Grant Orientation 03/29/2017 (Below)
 What are the dates of the grant?  Your grant period starts when you state it starts. However, the city does not issue retro payments. If you start your program before you are issued a payment from the city, you will need to use other funding sources to cover that portion of your program.
 Do we need to use the enclosed survey or can we use our own?  If you do not have a survey you will need to use the one provided. If you do have a survey, you may use it, please be sure it includes the elements in the city's survey.
 Are payroll records sufficient for receipts?  Yes, payroll records are sufficient to document payroll. Documentation for other expenditures need to be provided.
 Does being a past recipient and having timely/or not submission of reports have any weight?  No. As long as you have submitted a Closeout and do not have anything outstanding, you may apply.
 On the checklist, under financials for annual budget for 2 years, do you want 2016-17 or 2017-18 projected?  Please submit 2016 and 2017.
 If our agency currently receives a Large Measure C Grant, do we still qualify for the Small Measure C Grant?  You can always apply as long as you are in good standing. Always keep in mind, funding is based on City Council's decision and is not guaranteed.
 Who do you contact to use Cooley Landing?  Emily Pharr, Community Programs Manager, 650.853.3149,
 What is the fee/cost to use it?  Please contact Emily Pharr for details.

 On the surveys, do you want aggregate or all the individual surveys completed? All individual surveys completed.
 Measure C preference for summer or full year?  Measure C does not really list restrictions on time. However, if you can complete your grant in the summer, then do that. If not, do not stress over it.
 If another organization was the lead applicant for a prior grant, should we check that we previously received Measure C Funding?  If you received Measure C Funding as a lead or sub-grantee, yes. Because you did receive funding to supplement your program.
 If an organization receives funding through this Measure C Small Grant program, would they be eligible to apply for the large grant in the Fall?  Yes.
 How many grantees do you fund each year?  This depends on the number of grant cycles we have each year. There are roughly 3-5 Measure C Small grantees, 7-10 TOT Small grantees, and 2-3 Measure C Large grantees. It varies annually based on available funds & requested amounts. 
 Is it possible to apply for both TOT and Measure C grants?  Yes.
 Should grantees highlight alignment with My Brother's Keeper (MBK) whether applying for TOT or Measure C Funds?  If you are interested you may. However, it is not mandatory. Please contact Emily Pharr for more details (See above).

 Questions from the TOT Grant Orientation 03/22/2016 (Below)

Can food for summer camps be purchased?  Yes. 
Do you have to show how all funds are being used specifically for East Palo Alto residents?  Yes. 
How many pages total for the application and all attachments?  Are the attachments included in the 10 pages?  10/Yes
Can funding be used for staff? Are they considered direct services?  Yes, up to 15% of the TOT budget can be used to cover administrative costs. After that, you will need to use other funding to support the remainder of your staff costs. 
Is the admin fee permitted of 15% of the amount that you apply for?  Only 15% of the total TOT funds you receive can be used for admin. After that, you will need to use other funding to support your remaining staff costs.
 Should all documents be merged into PDF? For email, you will need to send each document as a separate attachment as our server will reject large files. For DropBox you should be able to drop one single file. 
Is there a list to get on to get notified of funding?  Yes. Make sure I have your email address. 
Are grant funds reimbursed or upfront?  Upfront for small grants only (Measure C Small & TOT Summer). 
Do you have ideas for corporate sponsors for SV Gives?  No. 
Being a summer grant, can your program run through to December, or does it need to end at the end of summer?  As soon as the TOT funds are exhausted, the program is considered finished. A Closeout is then expected 30 days after that. This is not intended to be a year-long program.
 Is there an electronic version of the application? No. As mentioned in the orientation, to avoid any issues, you are handed an application at the orientation only. You may fill out then scan the application. 
How similar is the application to the Measure C Application?  The applications are different and have different requirements. 
 What if your program is mid-May 2016, can funds be used in 2017?  No. Funds would need to spent in the same year.

Questions from the Small Measure C Grant Orientations 11/4 & 11/5/2015 (Below)
Would a web developer fee be considered as capacity building?  Yes. 
Do we need to attach separate budget documentation to apply for the Capacity Building Grant?  No. There is a line item on the applications and should be reported under "Other" on the Budget worksheet. 
What is the difference between Small and Large Measure C?  Small Measure C amount is $54K total available. Large Measure C amount is  $326,666K total available. Also, the application process is more rigorous (i.e. impact maps, quarterly reports, and possible oral presentations) are required for the Large Measure C Process, but not the Small Measure C Process.
Regarding the outcomes on the logic models, do we need indicators attached to medium/long-term?  No. It is built into your model.
What is the TOT Grant?  The TOT Grant is a Transient Occupancy Grant that is released in the summer and is for summer programming only. The revenues are generated through the Four Seasons Hotel and the tax from their occupancy. (Please see TOT link for more information). 
I am retired and tax exempt, how does this affect my application?  Your organization has to be a recognized 501 (c) (3). If your organization does not have that status, you would need to connect with an organization to become your fiscal sponsor, to take the lead and submit the application.
Can applicants apply for the next grant that will be released in the Spring of 2016?  Yes. This grant was released late but will not effect the next Measure C Small Grant cycle.
Where in the budget and grant request should the Capacity Building Request be referenced?  The application will have a line item for it and on the budget sheet place it under Other. 



Questions from the TOT Grant Orientation 03/12/2015. (Below)

 On the application, it states that we have to provide previous years financial statements. What exactly do we need to submit? You need to submit the previous two years financial statements. For example, it is now 2015, so you would submit your 2013 & 2014 financial statements. 
 Do you need to have an EPA business license if you're not based in EPA?  If you're not based in EPA, then you do not need a business license from the City of EPA. You would need to purchase a license from whichever city you are based in.
What office issues City Business Licenses and what is the charge? You would come to the City Hall Office in EPA, on the 2nd Floor. The charges vary depending on what type of business you have and your annual revenue. If you have questions, you can call to leave a message with Ana Torres at 650.853.3152 OR James Colin at 650.853.3153.
 Is the $500k or more amount for the entire organization (which may include other programs)?  If you are the lead organization, this applies to your annual revenue. And you are responsible for getting the audit done to evaluate all grant money spent on your program.
 For the audit, is it for the program or the financial organization audit?  Both.
 Where can we locate affordable Improper Sexual Misconduct Insurance?  Check with neighboring organizations to see who their insurance carriers are. Maybe partner up with an organization that has this coverage, but then they would become the lead organization on the grant. Check with the insurance carriers to see if they offer installment payments or something to that effect. This insurance is required if your organization works with youth.
 Is preference given to the amount of youth served?  Not necessarily. The considerations are value, quality, and experience. The number is only one of many variables that are used to determine funding.


 If our organization is not a
 501 (c ) (3), & we partner with an organization that is, can we still be the lead organization?
In general, if your organization is not a 501 ( c) (3), you cannot be the lead organization.
This question has gone to our Legal Department for review of the TOT Ordinance & City requirements.
 If our organization does not have paid employees
(only use volunteers), do we still need Workmans' Comp Insurance?
 No.There is a waiver form that needs to be filled out stating the organization's staffing status. Once a volunteer becomes an employee, the City must be notified, & the proper insurance needs to be purchased.
 If our organization does not have a company vehicle, and does not transport clients, do we still
need Auto Insurance?
In general, you would still need auto insurance in the event of an accident.
For example, if a parent is transporting their child & other children, & they are in an accident, the other parents have a right to sue not only the parent that was driving, but the organization as well, because the purpose of the transport was for your organization's event. This question has gone to our Legal Department for review.

Questions from Measure C/TOT Orientations in 2014. (Below)

Will there be a brown bag series regarding Measure C & City Council (what their requirements are, what they are looking for)?

No.  However, the Measure C Ordinance and the strategic plan are posted on the website. 

Will we post the power point online?


When the evaluation process (deliberations) starts, will it be an open public process?

No.  The grants review process is an administrative process and therefore not subject public review.  However, any results of those discussions will be made public through communications to the City Council. 

Measure C committee, no conflict of interest.

The Measure C Committee does not do grant application evaluations and recommendations.  The Grants Review Panel members have signed conflict of interest statements.

Re-entry partners works with city workers, is that a conflict?

No it is not a conflict of interest . However, it is important to understand Measure C funds are available to non-profit organizations only as dictated in the ordinance.  Municipal Corporations (i.e. cites, counties, townships, etc.) are not eligible.

Section 3.69.030 B. Use of proceeds of the Measure C Ordinance and similarly the TOT reads:

Violence prevention services with an emphasis on youth and families. Such services include preventive social services provided by the City of East Palo Alto, or by adding capacity to community-based nonprofit programs with a focus on youth, ex-felons, domestic violence and support for senior citizens.

 (Ord. No. 298, pt. 1.3, 2-20-2007)

What this means is that you may partner with various public organizations, but they cannot receive funds.  A good example of how this can work is through the commitment of space or possibly services.

What happens/recommendation for fingerprinting everyone?

Yes, all volunteers should be fingerprinted.

Should live scan/fingerprints have been done thru another org, do they need to be done thru a specific org? 

You should have fingerprinting & background checks done no matter the organization. You must have confidence in your own process.  What is important is that you establish a fingerprinting policy.

Background checks state or national?

It is recommended that your run both a DOJ and a FBI check.

What are the amounts needed for each insurance coverage?

$1 million minimum/$3 million GA

Does every agency in the collaborative have to have their own individual coverage or does the lead org only?

The lead organization bares the burden.   However, it is strongly recommended for all parties obtain required insurances.

Can we get a resource list of insurance co’s that cover ISC?

We’ll post a list online. Note we do not endorse  any of the agencies. 

Counselor that provides counseling should they have their own insurance?

If any practitioner you utilize to provide program services requires a license to practice, then yes they should have professional liability insurance.

If we offer the best with in realistic scope, the panel says can you do it for less, will you? Should you?

If the panel suggests that the proposed program offerings can be done for less, they will provide guidance on how to do so.

Is there a matching fund policy?

You may get more consideration if you have matching. It’s encouraged.

Does the application require research addition?

There are page number limits, do your best to stay within those limits.

Are previous large grantees plus amounts awarded online?

Not at this time, but will be up by next week.

Individual grantees eligible?

No, this is a collaborative grant and must comprise at least 2 organizations. 

I service other non profits in a collaborative, they haven’t paid, should I trust them again.

We don’t recommend it. 

Story Board: 

The story board is an actual poster and will take the review panel through your thought process.  It also provides a uniform template. 

Theory of change, do you have a template for that?

No.  Please articulate your theory of change. 

All collaborations, do they need they need an individual storyboard?

Only one storyboard is required for the collaborative. 

Will we be funded now if we’ve already started our programs?

Funding is not retroactive. If work was completed prior to the execution of your contract, you will not be reimbursed for that.

What was the name of the HR resource?

Contact HR California for more information on best business practices. 

Vehicle insurance, how does it apply to non-owned vehicles when volunteers use their own car?

You need to get insurance for non-owned vehicles.



Maurice Baker- Interim Administrative Grants Coordinator
City of East Palo Alto, City Manager’s Office
2415 University Ave, 2nd Floor 
East Palo Alto, CA. 94303
Phone: (650) 853-3132 

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