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Bay Road
Bay Roads Improvements Project, Phase II & III Planning, Environmental Assessment & Design
The project consists of three phases of roadway improvements between University Avenue and Cooley Landing. The proposed Phase II/III project will include the design of the roadway to accommodate new sidewalks, bike lanes, ADA accessibility, lighting, landscaping, and street furniture.

The Community Preferred Alternative for the RBD, which envisions a walkable downtown along Bay Rd. between the 4 Corners at University / Bay Road and the Bay Trail, includes widening the existing roadway to accommodate bike lanes and wider sidewalks. The intent is for the downtown area to have a mixture of residential, retail, commercial, and community uses that create a pleasant environment with street activities.

The approximate limits of the proposed project are presented in figure 2.

The project shall include the design of general improvements to enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety and to create a “gateway” into the Ravenswood Business District. The proposed project phases to be completed with this funding are summarized as follow:
  • The Project design shall be closely integrated into the RBD / 4 Corners Specific Plan, it will use the DEPLAN as the basis of design, and will support and be complementary to the vision of the Cooley Landing Project.
  • In addition to the improvements identified above, this project will also include the design of improvements of existing infrastructure as well as undergrounding overhead utility lines.

Background Data
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Request for Proposals
East Palo Alto Bay Road RFP Final
Bay Road Phase II and III Addendum No 1

Contract and Scope of Work

Community Meeting #1 (1/30/13)

Kamal Fallaha
City Engineer
(650) 853-3189