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2018 General Municipal Election

2018 General Municipal Election

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018,  the City of East Palo Alto will hold a General Municipal Election for:

1) The election of two (2) seats on the City Council, each for a four-year term

City Council Candidates

To view a list of residents who have formally announced their intention to run for City Council, click here. Names will be updated upon nomination packets being filed with City Clerk's office. 

Nomination and Filing Period

The nomination and filing period to run for City Council opens  Monday, July 16 and closes Friday, August 10th.

If nomination papers for an incumbent elective officer are not filed by the filing deadline, the nomination period is extended to August 15. The nomination petition and other related papers needed to run for City Council will be available from the City Clerk’s Office by appointment when the nomination period opens.

Candidates & Resource Information

Hosted by the County of San Mateo

Candidate Seminars hosted by County of San Mateo

Wednesday, July 11, 2018:     10 a.m. at 40 Tower Road, San Mateo

Thursday, July 26, 2018:     2 p.m. at 40 Tower Road, San Mateo

Voter Data Seminars (immediately following the Candidate Seminars)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018:     11:30 a.m. at 40 Tower Road, San Mateo

Thursday, July 26, 2018     3:30 p.m. at 40 Tower Road, San Mateo


  • Candidates MUST file Form 501 before soliciting or accepting contributions.
  • Candidates MUST deposit funds into the campaign bank account before spending money on the campaign. Candidates who spend money out of pocket for campaign expenses are subject to fines.

Before beginning your campaign, you must declare which office you are seeking.  You must also set up and register your commitee, and disclose information about your personal income and assets. To get your campaign started, complete and submit the forms noted below.  See form instructions for information on how to complete the forms and where to file them.

Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement

Form 410 - Statement of Organization        OR     Form 470 - Officeholder/Candidate Campaign Statement

Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests

Committee ID Number

Once you have submitted your Form 410 to the Secretary of State (SOS), you can visit their website to find your committee ID number.  Enter the name of your committee in the search bar of the Cal-Access database.  If your ID number has been issued, the search results will show it next to your comittee name.  If the system cannot find your ID number, the SOS may not have had time to issue it yet, or there was an error on the Form 410 and they have sent you a letter via USPS asking you to correct the error and re-submit the form.

If you would like to receive a copy of your approved Form 410 from the Secretary of State, send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your original Form 410.

 Filing Deadlines

Throughout the campaign, you must file statements to report contributions and expenditures.  Find the filing schedule for your campaign on our website.

 This toolkit provides guidance and a general overview of the rules for campaigns, but it does not replace any requirements under the Political Reform Act or Fair Political Practices Commission Regulations.  Information here should be used in conjunction with a careful review of the applicable laws.


Are you a registered Voter?  Do you need to re-register?  
To make your vote count, you need to register to vote. That is submit your name, address, and other information that the California Secretary of State requires. 
When that department receives your information, it is shared with the County of San Mateo, who then shares it with the City of East Palo Alto during elections.  This information enables us to know that you are now registered to vote. 

You can register to vote online at registertovote.ca.gov   or you can fill out the registration forms in the East Palo Alto City Hall Office at 2415 University Avenue, 2nd Floor. 

If you are a registered voter, but have recently moved then, you must re-register!

To register, please click on this linkRegister to Vote

SB 450 Voters Choice Act (All Mail Ballot Voter Center Election)

Senate Bill 450, also known as the California Voter’s Choice Act (VCA), was signed into law on September 29, 2016, authorizing 14 counties, including San Mateo, to conduct any election as an All-Mail Ballot/Voter Center election commencing 2018. 

The primary goal of this new legislation is to expand accessibility and voting opportunities for all voters, particularly those with disabilities, visual impairments and language minorities.

If you have questions regarding Vote By Mail Ballot, please call the San Mateo County Elections Office at (650) 312-5222.