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Pad D New Municipal Water Well

The City of East Palo Alto (“City”) is pursuing development of groundwater as a supplemental source of supply to meet its anticipated future needs, to increase local, dry year water supply, and to improve the City’s overall water supply reliability during peak demand times and in the event of a catastrophic supply interruption.

Currently, the City receives all of its water supply from the City and County of San Francisco (“CCSF”) via the Hetch-Hetchy Regional Water System. Water use by the City in recent years has been close to, or in excess of, its Supply Assurance with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (“SFPUC”), and projections indicate that the City’s normal year demand will increase. This future normal year supply deficit will put a significant constraint on the City’s ability to develop economically and otherwise.

The City also faces the challenge of limited water supply options in the event of an emergency disruption of supplies from the Regional Water System.  The City owns another municipal supply well, the Gloria Way well, but that well has been disconnected from the potable supply system since 1989 due to aesthetic water quality (i.e., taste and odor) concerns and is currently undergoing a treatment system re-design.  The City does not have any appreciable water storage infrastructure.  Therefore, the City recognizes the value in development of a local groundwater source for use in times of shortage or catastrophic supply interruption.

In pursuit of this important project, the City in 2014 installed, tested, and sampled the test well at the Pad D site (“Pad D Test Well”). Results from the testing and water quality analyses indicated that the site is underlain by a number of stratified aquifers that are relatively productive and have good water quality. 

Project Description

The objectives of the project are construct a new municipal water supply well to be used as water supply for existing and planned development under the City’s existing General Plan, to help improve hydraulic conditions in the distribution system during times of peak demands, and as an emergency/ backup water supply in the event of a disruption to the City’s RWS supplies. 

Project Location

The “Pad D” site is located at the intersection of Clarke Avenue and East Bayshore Road in East Palo Alto (see Figure).

Project Status

The project is under design and environmental phase.

Project Related Documents

Pad D CEQA Notice of Preparation/Initial Study

 Pad D.png