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Landlord Forms

LANDLORD SECTION  GENERAL FORMS & NOTICES                                             FORM No.

Change in Ownership or Change in Mailing Address                                                                                  2149

Change in Tenancy / Vacancy Registration Statement                                                                               3179

Required 30 Day Notice of Rent Increase Notice 

Notice of Ordinance at Commencement of Tenancy                                                                                   2991

Rent Stabilization Resolution No. 15-10 Adopting 2016 Annual Registration Fee                                           2202


2017 Notice to Landlords of Annual Registration & Fees Required                                                            2936               

Change in Registration Status Form (to be used when a unit is no longer exempt)                                      2150

Claim for Exempt Status under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance                                                               2932

Landlord Addendum to Request Issuance of Certificate of Maximum Allowable Rent                                   2152

Notice of Allowed Exemptions and Documentation Required for Claims of Exemption

Request for Waiver of Penalty Fees

Instructions for Requesting Certificate of Maximum Allowable Rent                                                            2154

2017 Fee Statement/Return with Payment                                                                                                 2970

Notice of Allowed Exemptions and Documentations Required 2723


Section 1020 Certificate                                                                                                                            2155

Landlord Addendum to Request Issuance of Certificate of Maximum Allowable Rent: Section 1020                2156

Appeal of Issuance of Certificate of Maximum Allowable Rent Pursuant to Regulation 1020                           2157

Landlord Addendum to Appeal Form for Certificate of MAR Issued Upon Request Per Regulation 1020          2158

Response to Objection to Appeal of Issuance of MAR: Section 1020                                                           2159


Stipulated Petition to Request Modification of Maximum Allowable Rent for Addition of Pet Fees                   2160

Stipulated Petition to Request Modification of Maximum Allowable Rent for Removal of Pet Fees                  2161
Stipulated Petition to Request Modification of Maximum Allowable Rent Based on Correction of Errors          2162

Response to Petition Form Challenging the Certification of the Maximum Allowable Rent                              2163 

Response to Petition Being Filed                                                                                                               2164

Petition by Landlord for Rent Increase Based on Fair Return Standards                                                       2165

Application for Fee Waiver                                                                                                                        2166

Notice of Withdrawal of Petition                                                                                                                 2167

Notice for Restoration of Rent and Proof of Service

Form to Appeal Exempt Status Petition of Program Administrator                                                                 2169

Request for Compliance Hearing and Proof of Service                                                                                 2170

Notice of Withdrawal of Petition                                                                                                                 2266


Under Section 14.04.160.A.9 of the Municipal Code, a landlord is allowed to terminated a tenancy when a landlord is seeking in good faith to recover possession of the rental unit to remove the rental unit permanently from rental housing use under the Ellis Act (California Government Code, Section 7060-7060.7) and, having complied in full with the Ellis Act and its local implementing ordinances (Municipal Code, Chapter 14.08), does so without ulterior reasons and with honest intent.

Ellis Certificate and Memorandum                                                                                         

Ellis City's Deed Recording                                                                                                 

Ellis Claim of Entitlement to Additional Relocation Assistance

Ellis Deposit of Additional Relocation Benefits 

Ellis Initial Deposit of Relocation Benefits

Notice of Assertion of Age and Disability

Ellis Notice of Assertion School Year 

Ellis Notice of Extension of Date of Termination of Tenancy 

Ellis Notice of Intent to Offer Accommodations for Rent

Ellis Notice of Intent to Withdraw Accommodations to Tenant

Ellis Notice to Withdraw Accommodations to City

Ellis Notice of Interest in Renewing Tenancy 

Ellis Notice of Termination of Tenancy  

Ellis Proof of Service  

Ellis Notice of Tenants Rights with 2017 Income Limits                                                               


Initial Registration Form A                                                                                                                            2171

Initial Registration Form B                                                                                                                            2172

Initial Registration Form C