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Campaign Disclosure
Campaign Statements
The 1974 California Political Reform Act requires candidates to file periodic campaign statements to disclose contributions received and expenditures made.  This Act is administered by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Form 501 - Candidate Intention
Form 410 - Statement of Organization
Form 460 - Form/Consolidated Campaign Statement
Form 465 - Supplemental Independent Expenditure Statement
Form 470 - Candidate and Officeholder Campaign Statement (Short Form and Supplement)
Form 496 - Late Independent Expenditure Report
Form 497 - Late Contribution Report

Candidates receiving or spending over $1000 must file FORMS 501, 410, & 460!

Candidates receiving or spending under $1000 must file FORMS 501 & 470!

If you have questions regarding these statements, please contact Terrie Gillen, Deputy City Clerk at (650) 853-3127 or or the FPPC at (866) ASK-FPPC.