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Chief’s Community Update

June 20, 2018

This weekly update will include information about the recent efforts of the police department and provide you with information regarding recent incidents, crime trends, and community resource information.  Please take a moment to search our website and take advantage of the features.

Recent Events:

New Police Officer in the Community!

Officer Brandon Maxwell:  Brandon was born in Gretna, Louisiana and his family later moved to South San Francisco, California where he graduated from High School in 2005.  In 2007, he joined the United States Marine Corps serving as a Helicopter mechanic for seven years.  During his service in the USMC he was deployed to the Middle East three times and was promoted to sergeant before being honorably discharged in 2014.  In 2017, he self-sponsored himself at the Alameda County Sheriffs Academy and graduated in February 2018.  He started his orientation on Monday, June 18, 2018 and he will begin patrolling on the day shift with his training officer on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018.


 Community Service Aide Promoted to Police Officer Trainee!

 Police Officer Trainee Elizabeth Ceja: Elizabeth has done an outstanding job serving as a community service aide since she started with the department in 2017.  Elizabeth is an East Palo Alto resident and earned a bachelors’ degree from San Jose State in Behavioral Science in 2016.  When she applied for the position of police officer trainee a few months ago, she received a very high test score and was identified as an excellent choice to fill the position and attend the police academy.  She will enter the South Bay Regional Academy at the College of San Mateo on Monday, June 18th, 2018 and is scheduled to graduate in November of 2018.  After graduation, she will begin her field training in the patrol division.

Clean Zone Event: Saturday June 9, 2018

Group-1: Alleluia Samoan Assembly of God          

Location: Runnymede/Clarke/Bay:   

Trash Collected: 15 large bags of trash


Group -2: Siasi Konisitutone Tauataina O America                                               

Location: MLK Park/Daisy Lane/O'Connor/Pulgas/Sage streets        

Trash Collected: 9 large bags of trash

Crime and Arrests:    

June 8, 2018                    9:14 AM                            2300 block of University Avenue

The suspect, Jose Monterroso, rear-ended the victim’s vehicle during commute traffic.  After causing the collision, the suspect drove around the victim’s vehicle and fled the scene.  An anonymous driver that was driving behind the suspect captured the collision on their dash camera and provided the video to the police.  After viewing the video, the suspect vehicle was located along with Mr. Monterroso.  Mr. Monterroso admitted his involvement in the collision and said he fled the scene because he was driving with a suspended license.  Mr. Monterroso was cited and released for hit and run.

June 13, 2018                   12:50 AM                          1000 block of Laurel Avenue

The suspect, Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Mendez, was seen driving a stolen vehicle.  When police initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle, Mr. Mendez fled causing the police to initiate a vehicle pursuit.  During the pursuit, Mr. Mendez’ juvenile girlfriend demanded that he let her out of the car but Mr. Mendez refused and instead continued evading the police.  In the area of University Avenue and Donohoe Street, Mr. Mendez crashed the stolen car and fled the scene on foot.  After a foot pursuit, Mr. Mendez was taken into custody with the assistance of a Menlo Park Police Officer that responded to assist.  Mr. Mendez was booked into the County Jail for numerous charges including kidnapping and recklessly evading police in a vehicle.

June 16, 2018                    10:30 PM                             2200 block of Poplar Avenue

The suspect, Sandra Mayorga, was in an altercation with her mother.  When her father tried to intervene, Ms. Mayorga head-butted him causing severe bleeding to his head.  Ms. Mayorga was arrested and booked into the County Jail for battery causing serious injury.

June 17, 2018                     8:36 AM                              2100 block of Euclid Avenue

The suspect, Joey Stevens, was pulled over for a vehicle code infraction.  During the stop, police learned Mr. Stevens had a suspended Washington driver’s license and no California driver’s license.  Mr. Stevens was cited and released for driving on a suspended license. 

The June Beat Meeting Schedule is as follows:

Beat Two

Date: Thursday, June 7, 2018

Time: 06:30 pm ? 08:00 pm

Location: Ecumenical Hunger Program

(2411 Pulgas Avenue, EPA, CA 94303)

Beat Three

Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time: 06:30 pm ? 08:00 pm

Location: Peninsula Park Apartments

(1977 Tate Street, EPA, CA 94303)


Beat One & Four

Date: Thursday June 21, 2018

Time: 06:30 pm ? 08:00 pm

Location: Community Room at City Hall

(2415 University Avenue, EPA, CA 94303)

How to make an anonymous tip to the police:

When providing information to the police, we need specific information about the crime or criminal.  As an example, if you are reporting someone for dealing drugs, we need to know where and when they are selling the drugs, a detailed description of them (white female, blue jeans, red jacket, baseball cap), any description of a vehicle, and any other information you have about the crime.  While I don’t expect you to jeopardize your safety to get this information it is very important for us if we make an arrest.  Not only will your tip provide us with accurate information about the suspect, we are able to serve as a witness to the crime and we can testify in court.  Please use these options for providing an anonymous tip.

You can make an anonymous tip to the police by calling or texting to (650) 409-6792.

Wanted Persons: 

 We have several photographs of wanted suspects on the website for the community to view.  To see the photographs, please select the “Wanted Persons” tab, click on the RED “Wanted Persons” icon to view the information.  If you see any of the “Wanted” individuals, DO NOT attempt to contact them.  Please call 9-1-1 and report the information and the police department will investigate the information you provide.

Crime Trends:

Theft from cars and homes:
Cases of suspects entering cars and residence through unlocked windows or doors when the owners are absent are increasing.  The suspects often search through the car or residence and take small items of value (cash, jewelry, electronic devices) that are easy to sell.  Please lock your car and residence when you leave.  If you want to leave a window ajar for ventilation, it is recommended that you use a locking device to prevent access.  If you notice anyone suspicious loitering in the area please call us at (650) 321-1112 or 9-1-1 in case of emergency.