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Westside Area Plan

Concurrent with the General Plan, the City of East Palo Alto prepared an “area plan” for the Westside of the City that will focus on the area west of Highway 101. Three neighborhoods are included in the study: Woodland, Willows and University Circle.  The Westside area contains the majority of the City’s multifamily housing stock and affordable housing. Issues that may be addressed in the process are a lack of parks and open space, limited access to stores and commercial services, buildings that are seismically unsafe, and lack of parking.

The final product of the Westside Area Plan process will either be an area plan that is a chapter of the updated General Plan or a separate document. This decision will be made as the project moves forward.

Westside Map


The Westside Area Plan will take approximately 1½ years to complete and the process is similar to that of the General Plan. However, after the Westside Area Plan is prepared it will be combined with the General Plan for public review and adoption. The following is the general flow of work and time for each phase.

  • Phase 1: Existing Conditions Report (June 2013 – September 2013).  A report on the existing conditions on the Westside will be prepared. This will document existing land use, transportation, housing, safety and other issues.
  • Phase 2: Visioning (October 2013).  Working closely with the community, the consultant team will develop a long-term vision for the Westside.
  • Phase 3: Alternatives and Policy Development (November 2013 – January 2014).  During this phase, the team will develop alternative land use, transportation, housing and other scenarios for the Westside area. These alternatives will be reviewed and discussed by the public and a preferred approach decided.
  • Phase 4: Plan Preparation (February 2014 – May 2014).  During this phase, the Westside Area Plan will be written and reviewed by staff and then presented to the community.
  • Phase 5: Environmental Review. The environmental review for the Plan will occur as part of the EIR for the General Plan.
  • Phase 6: Review and Adoption. The Westside Area Plan will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and the City Council as part of the General Plan Update process.