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Online Crime Reporting Form

  1. Optional

  2. Example: me@cityofepa.org

  3. Example: 01/01/1950

    You may select more than one type of crime.

  4. If exact date is known, enter it in both calendars

  5. If exact time is known, enter it in both fields

  6. Describe the missing or stolen property (if applicable)
    Item Description: Laptop computer
    Make: Dell
    Model: X2
    Serial Number: 123456789
    Estimated value: $200.00

  7. Please note: it is very important that you provide an estimate value. In most cases this will be a factor in determining whether the crime is petty theft or grand theft, and will be helpful for any insurance claims you may make.

  8. (to vehicle, home, property, etc.)

  9. Example: 300.00

  10. Please note: the license plate number is extremely important, so be sure to fill this in

  11. (2 door, 4 door, hatchback, pickup, etc.)

  12. Use for all types of crimes if applicable, for example: front door, bedroom window, passenger door or window, trunk, etc.

  13. Use for all types of crimes if applicable, for example: broke door or window with blunt force, tampered with lock on door or window, entered through unlocked door or window, etc.

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