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Lost Property Report


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Personal Information
  3. 3. Location, Time & Date
  4. 4. Property

Step One

  1. Only use this form to report crimes that occurred in the City of East Palo Alto. If the incident occurred elsewhere, please contact the appropriate agency where the incident occurred.

    Please complete as many lines of the report as you possibly can. This will help us investigate the crime that you are reporting and/or screen it for potential investigation. If you only have partial information (like part of a license number, or a person's description), please give us whatever you have!

    Please include whenever possible, the serial number, license number, account number (for credit cards and or checks), owner applied number, etc., of the lost or stolen property you are reporting.

    If you need to report more than one type of crime or incident, please send us a separate report form for each one.

    Note: If we need additional information to properly file your report, we will ask for this information to be submitted before a report number will be issued, so please fill out the form as completely as possible. Fields with asterisks (*) are mandatory - These must be completed for the report to be accepted.